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My friend Amy and I were reading our fortune cookies and mine said, ”You will be rewarded greatly for your great listening skills.” I was stumped and told Amy the only time I can recall being rewarded for my listening skills was during the implosion of the remainder of the Alfred P. Murrah Building after the bombing on April 19, 1995.

I was armed with my favorite camera (an old Canon AE-1) at dawn on the day of the implosion. All of the photographers were herded into the photo pool section and told to wait for the countdown.

We were all milling around, some talking or setting their cameras awaiting the moment when this historical event would take place. Off in the distance I heard a very faint, “5-4-3-2-1.” I quickly poised my camera in the direction of the building and snapped off three shots manually (no auto wind for professionals.)

Then I looked around at the pool of photographers from Time, Life, Newsweek, and many other national publications. They were all dismayed, saying: “Did anyone get that shot? I could barely hear the countdown.” I began to eat my Egg McMuffin and said confidently, “I got three.” A few other people got the shot but I guess this would be a situation where my listening skills paid off. But I don’t think that is what the fortune was  trying to say.

Implosion of the Murrah Building: pic 1

Implosion of the Murrah Building: pic 2

Implosion of the Murrah Building: pic 3

Jesus Fence

Fence of Crosses---now the Oklahoma City Memorial

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